Alan Wake 2 – How to Beat the Cynthia Weaver Boss Fight

Alan Wake 2 is here, and as you would expect from a survival horror game, it throws some fairly tough challenges at you, including a number of boss fights.

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Alan Wake 2.

The third major boss fight you’ll encounter in Alan Wake is against Cynthia Weaver. While she’s not the most challenging boss in the game, you do have to follow a specific series of steps to beat her. Follow our guide and you shouldn’t have too much trouble…

After making your way through the Dark Place bunker beneath the Valhalla Nursing Home, you’ll find yourself in a large circular room. Head to the central control console and push the big button and Cynthia will make her appearance. As is often the case in Alan Wake 2, you need to restart a generator, which will allow you to drain the water in the room.

In order to find the generator you need to make your way through the flooded room until you get to a break in the wall. Unfortunately, Cynthia is lurking under the water like a shark. If you stay in the water for too long, Cynthia will rush at you under the water and your flashlight and guns can do nothing to stop her. If she grabs you, half your life bar will disappear. What you have to do is make your way from one safe-haven (metal carts, ledges, ect.) to the next as quickly as possible. Keep gradually making your way forward until you get to the break in the wall, then head through.

You’re now in an outer ring around the main room. Head left, continuing to zip from platform to platform as quickly as you can. There are a couple cubbies in the wall that contain some ammo and resources. Finally, you’ll come to a cubby with the generator. Restart it. Across from this cubby there will be a taller platform. Climb up on that and then through the hole in the wall. Head directly for the central console and push the button again. This time it works and the water from the upper level will drain.

Ah, but you’re not done yet, as you still have to take out Cynthia. Head to the lower level and run around the circular room until you encounter Cynthia. She’ll be floating, and your best bet is to take her down quickly with headshots with your hunting rifle (here’s how to find that). If you don’t have the hunting rifle, pick away at her with your pistol. Cynthia will occasionally sends waves of dark water and balls of darkness at you – dodge the waves and take out the darkness with your flashlight.

Once you damage Cynthia enough, she’ll drop to the ground and start charging around like an uncontrollable child. Keep your distance and blast her with your sawed-off shotgun (here’s how to find that). If you don’t have the shotgun, whittle her down with your pistol. Pump enough damage into ol’ Cynthia and she’ll finally go down.

Phew! And there you go, another boss in the books. This one can be a bit baffling at first, but once you know what to do, you’re golden.

Alan Wake 2 can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. You can check out more of Wccftech’s Alan Wake 2 guides here.

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