Amnesia: The Bunker’s generator is one of the scariest creations in survival horror

I’ve played a lot of horror games, survived a lot of jump scares and defeated plenty of  monsters. But the generator in Amnesia: The Bunker? That thing scares me. 

The Bunker is a departure for Amnesia, a series usually focused on a tight narrative progression while evading some horror show of a monster that either has the right bones, or skin, but somehow never both. The Bunker, on the other hand, is a more open story where you wander a network of collapsed WW1 tunnels trying to escape. It has a much bigger focus on exploration and freedom of movement around its earthy subterranean corridors, and the generator is at the heart of it all. 

Light ’em up 

Amnesia The Bunker Generator

(Image credit: Frictional Games)

You see, you’re trapped in this underground maze, trying to find a way out while being pursued by a monstrous creature (Bones: okay. Skin: melty), and the generator is one of the few things you can use to help you survive. “It hates the light,” one of the notes left by a previous victim states and, as a result, much of your time is spent painstakingly keeping the generator running. 

With the lights on, the beast doesn’t patrol or casually wander around – it generally only emerges from boltholes in the wall when you make too much noise. It makes light your friend, and the generator a relationship to nurture. It needs gas to run, and most of the opening hours of the game are spent desperately running back and forth to your little base room everytime you find jerry cans to top up the generator and keep it purring.  

Amnesia The Bunker Generator

(Image credit: Frictional Games)

It will run out though, and when it does it’s one of the most honest to God, deep-in-the-gut feelings of terror I’ve felt in a long while. And that’s having spent the last couple of hours searching torn apart body chunks and hiding under beds while a giant, wendigo style creature pads around you, breathing like wind in a cave. 


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