Deathloop Radio Silence Power Station | How to open HRZN Doors and the RAK Door

As if Blackreef wasn’t hiding enough secrets, you might have noticed the mysterious HRZN doors dotted around the map and the RAK door in Updaam.

These enigmatic portals are just begging to be opened, and play a key role in the story of Deathloop.

As well, you might have also stumbled on the related RAK door in Updaam. Juliana doesn’t seem too pleased with your discovery, so that’s all the more reason to keep digging.

Here’s how to complete the Radio Silence Quest and open the HRZN and RAK doors in Deathloop.

How to restart the generator and open the HRZN doors

It’s very easy to miss the quest that gets all of this going. In The Complex, visit the Loop Control Centre that you entered at the beginning of the game, then look for a staircase going down next to the HRZN door outside the main office.

There’s a note here which gives you a lead to access the power station in the morning.

Return in the morning, or go straight inside if it’s that time of day, and you’ll find yourself in a generator room.

There’s no power to the console, so you need to head downstairs and restart the generators.

Clear the area of Eternalists, and you’ll see two large generators with battery sockets and buttons in front of them.

As you might expect, you need a fully charged battery to give power to the generator and activate the console upstairs.

You can get a battery either from next to the chair at the top of the metal stairs you came down to get to this first generator room.

Or from the main Loop Control Centre office all the way back upstairs.

Or from the office in the top corner of the second generator room on the other side of the building, through the door between the first two generators.

The room between the two generator rooms is where you’ll find a charging station to give any batteries you find more juice.

When you socket a battery in a generator, it needs three circles of power to work. This means one full battery does the job nicely.

Make your way around all four generators, defeating any Eternalists on the way, then return to the power console above.

Send power to The Complex, then go through the HRZN door in the Loop Centre above you.

Here you’ll learn that you need to search the archives in Updaam – but the office will only be accessible in the afternoon.

Inside, there’s a lot of lore to digest, along with the code to the nearby RAK door in some classified documents.

How do you open the RAK door in Updaam in Deathloop?

Pop down the concrete stairs next to the archive and interact with the sound lock on the RAK door to enter.

After some more story-heavy conversations, your pointed in the direction of a new objective: collect three more passwords to unlock the second RAK door. You also get a code to use with the power station console to send power to different locations.

To do this, you need to return to the power station on three separate mornings and reroute the power to three different locations across three separate loops.

Each morning that you return, you will have to repower the generators in the underground power station, then use the console to send the freshly generated juice to either Updaam, Karl’s Bay, or Fristad Rock.

In Updaam, the HRZN door is found near the bridge to Charlie’s Condition Detachment – around the corner, between it and Otto’s fireworks boutique.

The note you need to find is at the top of the building.

Next, in Fristad Rock, you can access the HRZN door from inside Fia’s studio, Fractured ImAge if you’re feeling spicy, or from the coastline outside.

Finally, in Karl’s Bay, the HRZN door is in the top left corner on the map, hidden next to the sea, pretty much opposite from Hangar 2 where you beat Harriet in the mornings.

Once you’ve visited all three, you will have the passwords you need to access the second RAK door. You can do this over as many or few loops as you wish, but the minimum is three.

Back at the RAK door, you will get some more exposition inside the bunker, as well as the ultimate prize: a solution for ending the loop once and for all.

Now all that’s left is to plot a route through all of Blackreef’s Visionaries in a single day – then return to the RAK to set up a final showdown.

For how to complete the rest of the Visionary quests, check out our Deathloop guides and walkthroughs.


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