Gray Zone Warfare Living in Burrows quest guide: How to check generator and water filtration unit

Gunny needs your help ensuring you can keep your Base Camp afloat in Gray Zone Warfare. He’s tasked you with completing Living in Burrows, where you’ll need to look through a nearby bunker to check the generator and water filtration unit to see if you can use them.

These supplies are vital to your Base Camp and can help keep you going for the next few weeks. Although the location might be partially guarded, tracking down where to find the generator and the water filtration unit can take some time in Gray Zone Warfare. Luckily, you should already be familiar with the location and where to go.

Where to find generator and water filtration unit for Living in Burrows in Gray Zone Warfare

Where to find generator room in Gray Zone Warfare
Make your way to the YBL-1 Bunker entrance and head down. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can find the generator and the water filtration unit at the YBL-1 bunker on the south side of the map. The generator and water filtration unit are on the bottom floor of the bunker. Unfortunately, one of the rooms you need to reach to find them consists of a locked door and has a specific key you need to find to unlock it.

Finding keys in Gray Zone Warfare can be challenging, as they are randomly generated. The one you need to track down is called YBL Gen for the generator room. The key has the chance to drop somewhere in the YBL-1 area. You need to consistently defeat the various NPCs that spawn in this area. The more you take out, the higher the chances you have of finding the key, but this will take time, ammunition, and resources to ensure you can survive against these enemies. You might know this area after having completed Save the Rebellion and the Check Out Computers quests.

How to unlock generator door in Gray Zone Warfare
Use the YBL Gen key to unlock this door. Screenshot by Dot Esports

After you find the proper key, make your way down to the second floor of the bunker. When you reach the second floor, take a right and look for the door that accepts the YBL Gen key, which should be across the hall from the communications office. After you’ve checked the generator, the other door you need to visit, the water filtration unit, is to the right of your current position. Unlike the previous door, no key is required to go inside.

How to check water filtration unit in Gray Zone Warfare
Interact with the water filtration unit, and then make your way back to Base Camp. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you’ve investigated both rooms, it’s time to reach the nearest landing zone and call a helicopter back to Base Camp. The last thing you have to do is speak with Gunny, and you can complete the Living in Burrows mission in Gray Zone Warfare.

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