How to complete Labs Investigation and investigate the generator room in DMZ

Warzone’s DMZ has a variety of maps to play, from the dusty sands of Al Mazrah to the rainswept and grey Ashika Island. One such zone, which many players won’t visit too often, is Building 21. However, some faction missions, particularly in Season Four, will have you enter the high-risk, high-reward raid zone.

The tier four Black Mous faction mission Labs Investigation has you infiltrate Building 21 and look for a specific room titled the “Generator Room.” It’s a pretty tough one to find—it took me a few attempts to get inside Building 21, let alone the Generator Room itself.

A screenshot of the faction mission menu in DMZ, with the Labs Investigation mission details displayed.
You won’t be able to complete this one whenever you want. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Here’s how to complete the Labs Investigation faction mission in DMZ.

How to complete Labs Investigation in DMZ

Enter Building 21

Entering Building 21 isn’t as easy as clicking it in the map menu and jumping straight in. Building 21 is only accessible on weekends and requires a DRC Building 21 Access Card to enter.

So how can you acquire the access card to enter? The easy way—buy it from a Buy Station. However, it’ll cost you. The DRC Building 21 Access Card costs a whopping $40,000, so either enter with a huge chunk of your wallet or complete some missions during a session to build up some cash.

A player stands in a helicopter while holding a sniper rifle, with their inventory open in DMZ.
It ain’t cheap for one of these. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Access Cards are also available in the world, normally dropping from minibosses, but they are extremely rare. I definitely suggest jumping in and buying a card from a station, then exfiling straight out.

Once you’ve got your access card and Building 21 is open, it’s time to head on in.

Investigate the Generator Room on F1 in Building 21

Before you go all-out rushing into Building 21, arm yourself with your best gear. You will more than likely come across fully-loaded operators with three-plate vests. Be as prepared as you can be when it comes to equipment. I recommend a solid assault rifle with a secondary shotgun in case enemies get a little too close.

Once you’re ready, drop into Building 21. Ideally, you’ll spawn on the lowest floor of the map—you’ll know you’re in the right place if you’re on a floor with the number one following it, e.g. A1. If you aren’t on the lowest floor, find the staircase and head down. Once you’ve entered the bottom floor, you’ll want to head to L1, directly opposite A1/B1 via the underground car park.

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Follow the signs to L1 and look for either the Generator Room or the Server Room. The Generator Room is directly opposite the Server Room, so if you find that instead, you’ll know you are close. The door will be in a corner surrounded by yellow and black danger tape markings.

Early in the match, the doors will be locked, so you’ll need to wait for security clearance to be given before the door can be opened. After about a minute or two, the room should become accessible. Open the door and enter the room, and the mission will be complete.

Given the hectic nature of Building 21, you may have an easier time if you navigate to the Generator Room after the early game jitters settle down.

DMZ Labs Investigation mission rewards

After completing this mission, you’re probably wondering what rewards you will get. Here is a list of everything you get from completing the Labs Investigation mission.

  • 556 Icarus (Contraband)
  • +15,000 XP
  • +600 Faction Reputation

As more players complete their routes, you’ll have an easier time accessing the room and completing the mission, so if you can survive the early game, it becomes quite an easy mission to complete.

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