How to solve the Upperway puzzle in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader

The Upperway puzzle in Rogue Trader is definitely the hardest you encounter early in the game. At least the Eurac V lab puzzle provides somewhat clear instructions through text logs, and the First Galvanic Hymn can be riddled out if you search around enough. Here, however, you have to mess around with some warehouse generators with little-to-no feedback in order to open a locked safe.

The real challenge of this puzzle is working out the order in which to activate the devices. A notice on the wall near the safe provides some guidance, but the issue is that there are multiple locations where you can complete each listed step, making it more a process of elimination. If you’re eager to bypass the hassle, here’s how to solve the warehouse puzzle in the Upperway on Rykad Minoris.

How to solve the Warehouse puzzle


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