Lady Shares Video of Boy’s Room Where Students Troop in to Charge Phones after He Bought Generator

  • A Nigerian lady has shared a hilarious video after visiting the house of a fellow student who stays in her hostel
  • According to her, the young man she visited is the only person who has a functional generator in the hostel
  • A funny video showed lots of phones and gadgets plugged into several extensions inside his bedroom

A Nigerian student who owns a working generator has become the ‘saving grace’ of his fellow students in school.

It was gathered that the young man was the only person who owned a generator in his entire hostel.

Lady shares condition of student's room after getting a generator
Student deprived of privacy after getting a generator in hostel
Photo credit: @myde_queen/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Video shows lots of phones plugged

A lady identified as @myde_queen21 visited his room to charge her phone, and she was shocked to see the number of phones plugged into different sockets and extensions.

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According to her, the guy no longer enjoys privacy in his own house, as students from all over the area always visit to charge their phones.

“POV: Only one guy has gen in your hostel. The boy no get privacy again sef,” she captioned the video.

Reactions trail condition of generator owner’s room

Nigerians stormed the comments section to react to the hilarious video.

@Fabulous said:

“He can actually get you guys a working socket outside his room, no body should be comfortable with this.”

@Kush Ola reacted:

“Until one girls phone was stolen in my room amongst all other phones, the girl arrested me the next day.”

@Bigmarvel06 said:

‘Omo last person to come carry her phone dey lowkey sleep that room.”

@DIPSON reacted:

“Make dem give me admission, thank God I don buy big Gen and other Stuffs. Una go hear am.”

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@Thomie Olowo said:

“This reminds me of my 200 level/ 300 level days when I was in an hostel with bad light. My room na community room.”

@That Chelsea boy said:

“It happens to me too, na when dem start to dey steal my charger I put extension outside for everybody, make nobody enter again.”

@lovieee wrote:

“Lol na him no wan do socket for una for outside can never be me Kilode una too much the room self go they gba.”

@Wahab commented:

“Me way con dey use solar omo. I dey off one most of the time. The stress to go open door is the most annoying part. Na only when my babe dey around dem dey keep off.”

@MARVY reacted:

“The worst part is you can’t even shout at them buh u dey die for inside. My own I just burst hole for wall pass wire make them dey plug there.”

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@6stars|wholesale shop benin said:

“Na wa & once una plug the phone una room nor go ever let una go. Na that one dey vex me inside.”

Watch the video below:

Man regrets creating charging space for neighbours

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man shared how the good deed he performed for his neighbours ended up making him seem like a criminal.

According to him, a fashion designer brought her machines with heavy electricity consumption and connected to it.

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