Server Room Bug in SCP 5K Explained

12 July 2023, 14:54

Are you playing SCP: 5K and have encountered the Server Room Bug? This guide will tell you if there is a solution to your problem.

Source: SCP: 5K, developer: Affray Interactive


SCP: 5K is a co-op-oriented tactical FPS set in the popular SCP Foundation universe. During the adventure you take on the role of a group that has decided to rebel against the organization. This title recently got the so-called Update 2, which introduced a lot of new content to the game. Unfortunately, it was not without bugs. One of them is the Server Room Bug. In this guide you will learn what causes it and how to solve it.

SCP: 5K – Server Room Bug

When you hunt SCP 7528, you will reach the Heavy Containment Zone. This is a large area where you will find several locations. Definitely the most problematic of them is the Server Room. This is because there is a big bug associated with this place, which even makes it impossible to complete the game. This is because if you enter this room too quickly, you can be locked in it permanently. To make matters worse, this place is a spawn point, so even if you kill yourself you will be reborn in the same spot.

At this point there is no solution to the bug. Therefore, if you are already stuck, you have two options – start the whole game over or wait for the developers to fix the bug.

Of course, there is a way to avoid this problem. The map is constructed in such a way that you go through it in stages. Doors in the Server Room close due to power shortages. These should not occur if you you have completed the entire sequence in the Education Center. So before proceeding further, you must be sure that you have done everything possible in this place.

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